Remove and replace the background

Discover the application Remove background – erase BG ! The application will allow you to erase the background from your photo in a few seconds and replace it with the background of your choice thanks to the different backgrounds at your disposal.

Remove background

You can erase the background from your photo easily and automatically thanks to AI

Choose your background

Choose the background among the choices proposed and updated regularly.

Add your background

If you have a background photo you want to use, upload it to the app and use it!

How app works?

Remove background app is very easy to use, just take a picture or upload one, the AI removes the background automatically and you can choose the background you want to replace it

Easy to use

Remove background is very easy to use! You take a picture or upload one, then the AI automatically detects and removes the background from your picture in a few seconds.

Choose the background you want from the choices provided or add a background photo yourself by uploading the photo.
You can then save it on your phone or share it.

Powerfull App

The app is powerful thanks to an AI that perfectly detects and removes the background automatically. This AI also allows to apply perfectly the new background.

You just have to click on the background of your choice among the backgrounds proposed in the different categories (Nature, Landscape, Abstract, ...) which are updated regularly. You can also upload a background photo of your choice, so you are totally free to create the ideal photo.

Remove Background App Screenshoots

Discover an easy to use app that will save you time and allow you to create beautiful photos!

Watch a Quick Tutorial

Discover the power of Remove Background's AI and what you can do with this app

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Like our users, try the Remove Background app and create great photos

The app works very well, I save a lot of time in my photo editing



Marketing Director

I use it when I travel and edit my photos for my Instagram, it's great




I use Remove Background to edit my vacation photos and I love it!



Mobile Marketing Manager

Remove background. Success In Numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the application?

You can download the application for free on the playstore here. The application is not yet available on the Apple Store.

Is the background in my photo automatically removed?

Yes, when you take a picture or upload a picture from your phone's gallery, our AI detects the background and removes it automatically without you having to do anything.

If I can't find the background I want, what can I do?

If you want to add the background of your choice it is possible thanks to the "Add my own background" feature. To do so, you just have to load the background you want in the application and add it on your photo.

Can I save the photo without the background?

Yes you can, you can save the photo without the background.

What background categories are available?

You can find different types of background categories like Color, Love, Pop Art, Summer, etc. New categories and therefore new backgrounds are added regularly.

Can I upload a photo to remove the background?

Yes you can upload a photo from your phone's gallery.

Can I take a photo from the application to remove the background?

Yes you can take a photo directly from the application.